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A Peek into Tiana Destinee’s Lifestyle | Is Being an Influencer A Better Career Choice Than 9-5;

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A Peek into Tiana Destinee’s Lifestyle | Is Being an Influencer A Better Career Choice Than 9-5;

Trip to Ibiza, Photos at fancy places, good food, good sense of fashion, happy life, and all the flashy colorful. That is all that comes to mind when the name influencer is mentioned. But again, an influencer must be a social media figure with many followers; the entertaining part could be optional. Depending on where you are coming from, perquisite descriptions are put to describe who an influencer is, and anyone who checks most, if not all, these boxes is branded an influencer.

Let us look at Tiana Destinee. The 22-year-old Canadian journey as an influencer began in 2019 when she used to post dancing and short funny clips on video. Her appearance in the limelight came to be when she gained more than 1.3 million followers on her TikTok account after sharing a video of herself in a bathing suit. Certainly enough, her good physique and good looks drew masses to her. However, one thing she understood was that good looks alone and a photo in a bathing suit would not help retain her relevancy for long; she made her hobby a very important part of what she shares online. Today, with a TikTok account of over 2.5 million followers, she has dedicated her time to taking her followers through workout exercises. Tiana also collaborates with fashion brands to do try-on hauls for bathing suits. She has been such a success as a content creator and influencer.

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Tiana Destinee famous TikToker from Canada

But is that all it takes to be successful? Good looks, turning your passion into content that the masses would love, and occasionally getting paid to live a wholesome life? This might be a more attractive career path for most than the traditional 9-5. What remains hidden is the challenges surrounding it.


Tiana Destinee at the gym

Tiana Destinee at the gym

Since it is usually compared to 9-5, a typical 9-5 career involves reporting to work for 8 or 9 hours of the day, after which there is going home. Roughly just a third of the day is spent working. For an influencer, it is a lot different. For a fact, social media never sleeps, and when it is supposed to be resting time, fans expect more. Would anything work out for Tiana if she only worked and availed herself for a fraction of the day? If anything, being an influencer is more of a 24/7 job. That being said, Tiana always must drop those content with a smile. Something that can be particularly challenging is getting time for herself.

Imagine the burnout, the mental health, and so on. Again, making good content requires working with a team that is usually on a tight schedule. What would have been otherwise a personal space and having their own time, Tiana has to work with others in the same space. The behind-the-scenes take away the natural and normal workout experiences. Even a sweaty moment must be curated to look more appealing and exciting to the camera. Nonetheless, Tiana has been managing through all these and keeping up. That should be something worth giving credit to.

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