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Tiana is a Canadian with a French background. Fitness is important to Tiana and she leads an active lifestyle. Her breakout success on TikTok eventually led to the creation of her YouTube channel.

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Tiana Trudeau, otherwise known as Tiana Destinee, is the queen of Tik Tok! This creative and entertaining influencer is climbing the ranks in social media and has big dreams of becoming famous one day. Tiana is from Canada and has a French background. She is truly passionate about fitness, and her focus on a healthy lifestyle and exercise is what motivated her to start her own Youtube channel, Instagram, and TikTok videos. 

Tiana has an impressive TikTok following with more than 5.8 million likes and over 717k followers. You will be in stitches watching her explore life’s questions and creating funny videos with her dog. 

One thing you will notice about Tiana is that she enjoys working out her booty! She loves to show women how to improve the tone, shape, and size of their derriere with her variety of exercise techniques and fitness videos. You can catch her working out in the gym or sharing her many creative videos in which she exercises with friends. Her goal is to make working out fun and to show you how you can achieve the body you desire with the right moves.

Tiana Trudeau also has her very own 'members-only' website where you can stay up to date on her latest content. Updated 3 times a week, be sure to make Tiana's video shares and images a part of your weekly fix.

Tiana's Youtube channel focuses on her fitness regimes but also her favorite styles of clothing. She tries on and shows off popular styles of apparel so you can make the best purchases for your shape and your budget. 

All about working on her body and improving her health, Tiana shows off her incredible figure in different styles of swimsuits, lingerie, and form-fitted casual wear. She shows off the best types of clothes for figures similar to her own and lets you in on the secrets to naturally transforming your body.  

Her creative posts and videos are what her fans keep coming back for! Tiana is entertaining and beautiful and has a blast when she’s creating content for her closest followers. If you can’t get enough of Tiana, be sure to subscribe to her platform. You will receive regular updates from fitness and fashion to sheer entertainment as she navigates her way through life. This budding influencer is sure to be making it big in the near future. 


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