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Tiana Destinee: The Growth Of Fitness Influencers

Canadian influencer Tiana Destinee

Canadian influencer Tiana Destinee

Tiana Destinee is a Canadian influencer and content creator who stepped into the limelight around 2020 on TikTok. She was discovered while working at a McDonald's in Ontario, Canada.

The 22-year-old was first widely known for doing the Liya Perez dance. Even though initially, her account majorly focused on dance videos and other short funny clips, she rose to fame by being more focused on workout and gym videos. Tiana is mostly popular on TikTok, with more than 2.5 followers. However, she also shares content regularly on Instagram and other flagship social media platforms.

But let’s focus on tiktok. Most of the content shared is workout videos; she does not just showcase her workout routines but has dedicated her time to taking her viewers through the workout routines that help her develop her glute, which is admirable. Sure enough, she has an admirable physique that fans can't help but wonder how she got there. She has, on many occasions, been accused that she is on butt enhancement or some surgical enhancement. Rather than clap back defensively, she dedicated her time detailing everything she does to help her fans who wish to achieve that perfection.

But then there is more to sharing workout content than just trying to prove to critics that she is not fake. For Tiana, sharing her workout routine has made her a relatable role model. Like other influencers who have adopted this culture, Tiana has contributed, rubbing away the traditional mindset that fitness influencers needed to look some way. Instead, as she shares them, her workout routine takes a broader perspective, and everything she does takes a wider perspective. Indeed, it is an exercise that anyone can do. Sure enough, many people would love to get into a workout routine, but then they tend to feel clueless about where to begin. Tiana's content comes across as a one-stop help center for people struggling with this issue.

From a general perspective, influencers like Tiana are changing the outlook of fitness, moving it from what used to be associated with just aesthetics to something crucial to transforming health and well-being.

What can be seen is that Tiana has just turned herself from living a healthy life into an opportunity to connect with her followers. Her status as an influencer has improved significantly, given the number of followers she has amassed so far.

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Tiana Destinee and Shore Thang Models

Tiana Destinee created her first exclusive content for Shore Thang, in late 2020, including several unique try-on hauls.

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Tiana Destinee BoutineLA Swimsuit Haul

Tiana mainly makes content around workouts and fitness, tries on hauls, and occasionally makes funny videos on TikTok. Being a model, Tiana cherishes making try-on videos for various outfits. She loves giving her personal views and reviews on different outfits, more so swimwear. Having such a curvy and adorable physique, Tiana does not shy away from showing skin in the most sexy and tempting bikinis.

One such video was one she was sponsored by BoutineLA to showcase some of their iconic swimwear.

Though not very common when it comes to bikini. I find black so attractive, and when worn with some good-looking melons, it is such a site. What does Tiana have to say about that look, though?
First, Tiana wears small sizes, and she admits to loving the rings and the fact that the back is a thong. Something she admits is that she loves bathing suits by Boutine LA, but the prices are too high! Besides, she notes that generally, Boutine LA makes their tops rather small, something that might not work well with boobilicious queens. Again, she notes that there is a trend of bathing suits having small tops that overcompensate with baggy or unfitting bottoms. Tiana mumbled something inaudible about that, but I could make out dissatisfaction with that part.

Where there is purple, royalty follows. This set is nearly similar to the previous set; they just lack the rings at the bottom. Surprisingly, despite being nearly the same type and size, Tiana elaborates that the bottom fits better than the previous set. I would also ask myself what it is with nonstandardized sizing. But again, she admits they are worth every coin, given the quality.

For a bathing suit, red is such a cliche, but making it a one-piece is something our eyes are not accustomed to. This one has a sexy, open back, giving those cheeky aesthetics. For clarification, Tiana mentions she is not cheeky but wouldn't mind trying them on. For her, the bottoms are not that flattering; maybe if she pulled them up, it would be a better improvement. But again, here, taste and preferences carry the day. Not everyone likes the thong look, and for those who have no problem, this would be a great addition to the closet. ( they are expensive, $80, which makes them less sexy, I guess).

Nothing adds life to summer beachside than yellow. Very common for bathing suits but something our eyes will never get weary of. The two-piece bathing suit, as Tiana puts it, was harder to get on (it took her 5 minutes to figure out ). This makes me think how long it would take a normie (like me) to figure it out. Generally, the bottoms are nice, and the strings at the side add extra magic to it. One thing I took from it was that Tiana loved its vibrancy, and yes, I agree.

A bit too common for me. For something that looked very basic and simple before wearing, it turned out to be sexy. Expectations exceed there ( say something about the price). The bottoms are very stringy with a thong backside. However, I did not expect Tiana to say that the bottoms are her least favorite of the batch. I admitted that the strings tend to get twisted sometimes. Otherwise, the materials will be comfortable and good, like the others.

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Tiana Destinee Zaful Try-on Haul

Tiana Destinee has dedicated her time and efforts to taking her fans through numerous workouts and gym exercises. Her key focus has been doing exercises that help enhance the glute and give that hourglass look. As someone who likes to put money where her mouth is, she has a lovely physique and body that has attracted questions. This has also placed them where she leverages her body physique to showcase some of the best swimsuits by doing try-on hauls. In one such video, she discusses the products she got from Zaful, giving out her views, opinions, and different takes on the outfit.

But first, why do swimwear try on hauls? First, most people are usually clueless about where to begin when planning to make swimwear purchases. Tiana helps her fans explore many potential options by giving them a real-life appearance of these options. Besides, most of Tiana's fans love to see more of her, and this is the point where she treads on that ice of showing just enough skin that doesn't get her reported but much enough to feel proud of her body. Watching try-on hauls is entertaining to the fans and a way to explore their swimwear options without breaking the bank. Let us see what she has for us and what she has to say about them.

This is a one-piece, all-white bathing suit that comes in small sizes. Tian notes that it has a thong at the back, which is worth mentioning among people who are not fans of the thong's backside. She also notes that Zaful, unlike most swimwear brands at their level, is very cheap yet still uses high-quality materials. For Tiana, this piece stands out as her favorite bathing suit she has ever bought. She notes that a picture of herself in the bathtub wearing it was posted on her Instagram page. A quick turn and it is very "showy" at the side- in other words, most of the backside is exposed and, as Tiana puts it, "very Cheeky." Of course, it comes with a few things not to like; one of them is that it comes with rather too big straps, and tightening it up can be a brawl. It is so loose, even for the smallest size available, that Tian tries it on. This makes it not so lovely to step out with it to the beaches, but maybe there will be a few photoshoots here and there. But it might work just fine for people with bigger body sizes.

Polka dot has to be the most versatile print in fashion. It is undoubtedly one of the oldest prints and is here to stay. This two-piece swimwear set is also versatile in that the wearer can use the strings to hold up the top, but Tiana chose not to. The look on her face was great, and she could not believe they came at only $20. It makes sense because when Tiana was waiting for her package to arrive, she looked at them to see how they looked on other girls; she noted that there were only a few left and never saw them after that. Other options include tightening the strings for those who do not want to show the underboob side.

This two-piece swimsuit started with a few disappointments. Tiana noted that the bottoms came in rather huge. Weirdly, they are identified as large size. Tiana explains that this is the thing about Zaful: the sizing is usually a hit or miss. Often, the sizes can be just right, but there are fair chances they will be disappointing. This set came in as oddly huge and not a good fit; the top, also in Tiana's view, was almost showing her nipples, which, to her, were crossing the uncrossable line. She explained that the bottoms were so unfitting that they would easily slide off her if she jumped into the water. Still, they are cute and would look better if the sizing part was fixed.

The sizing is such a concern that Tiana says even after buying from Zaful for two years, they have not changed much about the sizing. In her experience, the tops are usually the correct size, but when it comes to the bottoms, the customer does not have much power over them.

Such a colorful choice of swimwear. If anything, the snake print does help bring out those curves with ropy materials and cheeky bottoms. Tiana admits that the bathing suit is cool except for the extra work done on the boobs region. For the first time, she admits to loving the bottoms.

The light blue two-piece set comes with messed-up-looking string but is an excellent addition to the wardrobe. Tiana approves the bottoms as good and satisfactory.

For a one-piece bathing suit, this piece is cheeky and reveals a lot of skin. It does show a good amount amount underboob. It does Tiana great justice by bringing out the curves so well. It looked so cute that it had her changing her mind about her favorite bathing suit on her list.

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Tiana Destinee SHEIN try-on haul

In Tiana's Shein try-on haul, she showcases an array of outfits and styles curated with precision and flair. From oversized shirts to skin-tight dresses, Tiana navigates the world of Shein fashion, offering insights into style, fit, and personal recommendations. One particular lilac hued dress that Tiana styles with a tight fit white turtleneck bodysuit both sized small compliments her dark locks.

The journey begins with Tiana donning an oversized shirt, a white crop top, and cargo pants—all courtesy of Shein. This laid-back ensemble sets the tone for a diverse range of looks that seamlessly blend comfort and style. As Tiana transitions from outfit to outfit, she highlights the versatility and affordability of Shein's offerings.

In her exploration of Shein's tops and bottoms, Tiana discovers a mix of hits and misses in terms of sizing and fit. A size small cropped black top with front and back cutouts pairs effortlessly with bottom-hugging cargo pants, while a tight white crop top and cozy jacket combination receives her signature spin with the addition of black leather pants.

As Tiana reveals an extra-small ruched top and nude-colored cropped set, she underscores the importance of sizing down for a snug fit. Despite some sizing discrepancies, Tiana's enthusiasm for Shein's skin-tight dresses remains unwavering, praising their style and quality.

However, not all pieces in the haul meet Tiana's expectations. A Shein bathing suit, while stylish and well-made, falls short in terms of sizing, dipping too low in the back and proving to be overly revealing. Similarly, cropped tank tops and pants suffer from sizing inconsistencies, with waistbands too big and fits too tight throughout the legs.

Despite these challenges, Tiana's discerning eye and fashion expertise shine through as she offers styling tips and recommendations to navigate Shein's vast selection. From sizing down for a better fit to pairing pieces with personal favorites for added flair, Tiana demonstrates her knack for elevating any ensemble.

In conclusion, Tiana's Shein try-on haul serves as a testament to the brand's commitment to offering affordable fashion for every style preference. While navigating sizing challenges, Tiana's keen eye for style and knack for experimentation transform each outfit into a unique expression of personality and taste. As viewers embark on this fashion journey with Tiana, they're treated to a wealth of inspiration and insight, making every Shein piece a coveted addition to their wardrobe.

Tiana Destinee Exclusive Content - Pics and Videos

Tiana began working on exclusive content at home in Ontario in late 2020.

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Tiana Destinee creating content at home

Step into the dynamic world of content creation with Canadian fitness model Tiana Destinee Trudeau as she offers an intimate glimpse into her creative process in her latest video titled "Creating Content at Home." From her humble beginnings at McDonald's to her rise as a Shore Thang model, Tiana's journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication and passion for fitness and fashion.

In her video, Tiana showcases her enviable physique and impeccable style as she effortlessly transitions from one captivating look to the next. Donning a white bathing suit with a cutout back in a thong style, Tiana exudes confidence and poise, highlighting her toned curves and natural beauty.

Tiana Destinee emerges as a fresh new discovery in the world of modeling, captivating audiences with her breathtaking beauty and flawless physique. As she confidently models lingerie, her allure is undeniable, drawing viewers into a world of elegance and sensuality. Tiana's striking features and sculpted physique make her a natural fit for the spotlight, while her confidence and poise add an extra layer of allure to every pose. With each movement, Tiana exudes confidence and grace, leaving a lasting impression as a rising star in the realm of beauty and fashion.

Continuing to dazzle, Tiana models a red hot one-piece bathing suit with a cutout back, showcasing her toned legs and sculpted physique with grace and elegance. Whether lounging in lingerie or modeling the latest swimwear, Tiana's effortless style and undeniable confidence shine through, captivating viewers with her radiant presence.

As a fitness enthusiast, Tiana doesn't shy away from showcasing her dedication to health and wellness. In one scene, she proudly displays her toned physique at the gym, donning a cropped sweatshirt and bikini bottoms with confidence and grace. Her commitment to fitness is evident, inspiring viewers to prioritize their health and well-being.

But Tiana's talents extend beyond the gym and beach. With effortless style, she effortlessly transitions from snowy landscapes in leather pants to her own bikini photoshoot, where she models bikinis that accentuate her curves with grace and elegance. Tiana's versatility as a model and influencer is evident, captivating audiences across various social media platforms with her unique blend of fitness and fashion.

In conclusion, Tiana Destinee Trudeau's video "Creating Content at Home" offers a captivating glimpse into the life of a fitness model and content creator. From her humble beginnings to her rise to prominence, Tiana's journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication, passion, and undeniable talent. As viewers embark on this journey with Tiana, they're treated to a visual feast of style, fitness, and inspiration, leaving them inspired and eager to follow her journey.

We expect Tiana to continue her ascent in the world of social media.

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