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PresidentNiki’s Social Media Journey from Selfies to Success

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PresidentNiki’s Social Media Journey from Selfies to Success

American TikTok all-star PresidentNiki is a full queen when it comes to dance moves

PresidentNiki in a black budysuitPresidentNiki is a curvy model and influencer who has stood out for being free-spirited and making unique content. She sure does share a lot of content, from dance videos to try-on hauls, vlogs, and so much more. However, one of the most eye-catching content she shared was a video on YouTube about things she explained she would love to tell her younger self. For a model and influencer, sharing content that is more oriented towards giving advice or talking about personal experience to help the audience learn a thing or two is very unusual. She describes several that can be useful to anyone.

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Read those contracts!

Even for me, this came as a surprise. Contacts are lengthy, with jargon here and there, and most of us would go straight to agreeing to those terms and conditions. Who has time to let a lengthy contract get on their way to success? Well, until one learns the hard way, Niki advises that it is important to read through those contracts and share them with friends and family. She admits to finding herself in a very sticky position for failing to read and understand the contract she was getting. Niki explains that, more often than not, these contracts are meant to protect all parties, and it is good for the person getting into them to be fully aware of what they are getting into and avoid any possible exploitation by whoever drafted the contract.

Find a way to make your life as easy as possible.

Niki addresses this point at large and draws mainly from her personal experience. She says that people who have chronic diseases, as she does, need a lot of self-organization. It can be hard remembering when to take those meds, when to apply that lotion, and how to pack. Niki points out that she struggled for a long time trying to figure out how to get her things right; it was like there was a formula she was missing out on. As this older version of herself, she admits there is no formula for what works and what doesn’t, but instead, a more workable hack is finding a way that makes everything easier and routine and doesn’t even think about what other people think of your way of organizing yourself.

Dealing with that cringe

PresidentNiki admits that she has deleted most of her past content; she never watches her videos because she cringes easily and feels bad about what she is trying to convey. Something she wishes to tell her younger self is that being cringy is a sign of growth, and she does not need to be so hard on herself when she finds her earlier version to be something she no longer deals with.

Because there is a lot more that Niki touches on, it can create a good learning point. However, growth comes with experiences and learning opportunities.

PresidentNiki dances like poetry

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