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Against Stereotypes On E-Girl Aesthetics with Julia Burch

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Against Stereotypes On E-Girl Aesthetics with Julia Burch

Julia Burch is a Canadian social media influencer, known for her e-girl look.

E-girl is a short form for electronic girl and has been a word used to stereotypically refer to young women with a heavy presence on short media, who probably gained fame through their beauty and constant chasing clout. The chasing clout part is usually attributed to the sharing of sexy and suggestive photos and videos.

Another definition of e-girls is the last half of Gen Z (mostly women under 23 years old) with heavy followership on TikTok, known for their sense of alternative fashion, music anime, gaming, and so on. Depending on where you are coming from and the kind of exposure you have there are many variations of e-girl culture.

We can stick with whatever we think the term is used to refer to, but let's get into context. In our time one of the most influential e-girl figures is Julia Burch, sure enough in one way or another she conforms to the pre-mentioned stereotypical description of an e-girl. First Julia has a trademark in risqué aesthetics. Her sense of fashion and style is contemporary in a manner that is unique and a trend most youths are emulating.

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Secondly, Julia has a heavy presence on Twitch she is a Minecraft gamer as well as live streaming to connect with her fan base.

Something else, Julia’s sense of fashion in so many ways emulate anime characters, giving her a doll-like and kind of unique aesthetics

Other defining features include her heavy presence on TikTok creating lip sync and dance videos she constantly interacts with her fans. You are all caught up

There are stereotypes that e-girls are nothing more than their looks and the attention they get online, something I don't disagree with, but hear me out. Social media is a wide place with a lot of content creators. If anything, the users have a lot to choose from.

We can argue that if there are so many options, then there would be no place for mediocre influencers and content creators. If being an e-girl was nothing more than posting sexy and suggestive content, then sooner or later the fans would get bored and these “influencers” would not last longer than a week in fame. Julia has been around for close to five years now. That should say she is good at what she does, maybe her fans find a lot more to enjoy in her than the stereotypical description of an e-girl. If anything, I would argue that e-girl aesthetics are more than what people think it is!

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