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Lauren Burch in corset tops? This Canadian beauty knocks everyone dead

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Lauren Burch in corset tops? This Canadian beauty knocks everyone dead

I have been following Lauren Burch for a while; my key interest is her try-on-haul videos on YouTube. Lauren is a diverse content creator whose creativity is not limited to unboxing a pack of attires and reviewing them as she showcases how they look on her. She is also a successful TikTok, creating content such as lip sync videos and dancing. She has an active presence on Twitch alongside her twin sister, Julia. If anything, the 23-year-old is nothing like an average influencer; she is a trendsetter, especially in matters related to alternative fashion.

Back to her YouTube try-on hauls, I am accustomed to her doing videos on swimsuits, cosplay costumes, lingerie, miniskirts, mini dresses, tennis skirts, and everything that blends well with a blessed petite youngster. While going through the content, I came across, well, I was not expecting it, atleast from her, a try-on haul on corset tops. Help me unwind my backward beliefs on corset tops. For me, corset tops are an old tradition that ladies from royal houses in medieval times were forced to wear to force an hourglass figure.

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From what I have seen in movies, these tops or dresses had laces tightened up so tight that it seemed impossible to break in surprise; they were worn to parties and functioned with a lot of eating and dancing around. Contemporarily, I have associated corset tops with gym accessories, especially when worn to regain body figure after maternity. Going by my definitions and backward thoughts, corset tops do not belong in Lauren’s closet, not even by accident.

I watched in surprise in the try-on haul video as Lauren took the audience through what I would not call corset tops. Well, I have to admit that the attire was good and was the epitome of fashion creativity that could be used to express individuality. Unlike what I had believed, the Lauren collections seemed like nothing that needed to be worn on top of a dress but something to mix with other attires to give that edgy and sophisticated look. My beliefs were turned upside down, and I realized I had much to learn about contemporary fashion. Luckily, I have the right influencer and YouTube channel to get exposure before making an Ick of myself.

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