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Tiana Destinee and Mental Health Crises Within Influencers as Point of Concern

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Tiana Destinee and Mental Health Crises Within Influencers as Point of Concern
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Tiana Destinee Behind The Scenes

Tiana Destinee is quite successful as a content creator and influencer. The rise to the position she currently is in as an influencer has been fast and can not be attributed to anything short of hard work and consistency. The Canadian-born influencer has grown to amass more than 2.5 million followers on TikTok and a significant number of followers on both Facebook and Instagram.

Tiana mainly majors in making content about her workout exercises. For her, the content is not just about trying to entertain her audience and fans but also about dedicating her time to taking them through easy workout activities.

This places her as an advocate for healthy living, something, from how I see it, more than just a content creator. On YouTube, she also collaborates with fashion brands to do try-on hauls, where she reviews and shows her fans various outfits from reputable brands. Generally, she is very consistent in what she shares and how often she posts, and she is dedicated to doing what she loves.

That being said, anyone can be inspired by Tiana's success in being an influencer, as she makes it look like a very healthy and attractive career path. The reality behind this is anything far from easy peasy. In fact, a keen eye can see Tiana's content and empathize with how much she could be going through to retain her position as a known influencer. One of these issues is mental health.

In fact, staying relevant remains the central mantra for any influencer. There is no other way of staying relevant other than consistently posting and sharing content. Doing this in a manner that influencers do not disappear from the algorithm is so demanding that, at times, they have to work under burnout.

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Tiana Destinee in a red one-piece swimsuit

Tiana Destinee in a red one-piece swimsuit

The mental health crisis is not only about what they post or how often they post but also how they look.

There is a struggle to look perfect to the audience's eyes, but also this attracts criticism of inauthenticity. On several occasions, Tiana has been accused of using butt enhancement to make her body appears in a certain shape. She has even made content trying to make fun of how her living her normal life has put her in a position where she worries about not looking inappropriate. Influencers also consistently get hate comment that attacks their bodies or how they live. There is just no way of doing it right- to think by default they are struggling not to appear in a way that would attract backlashes.

Fighting all these while trying to remain relevant and likable in the audience's eyes takes a big toll on mental health. Something that can be made more bearable if the fans would be more considerate.

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