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Tiana Destinee, Receive Influencer Gift Packages, Get Paid, and Be Famous…

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Tiana Destinee, Receive Influencer Gift Packages, Get Paid, and Be Famous…
Tiana Destinee at the gym

Tiana Destinee at the gym

From the fans' eyes, Tiana Destinee, like other influencers, can be seen to be making a profit by receiving gift packages from some of the priciest fashion brands, getting paid, and being famous. It is hard to argue that they are living life in a free mode; think of getting paid to live the dream for most people!
Imagine receiving the latest fashion apparel; all you have to do is put them on, take some pictures, get likes and engagement from fans who admire your lifestyle, and, if not all, get paid for it!
I don't think so.

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Tiana Destinee is one successful influencer whose one of major successful content is making try-on hauls for apparel from reputable fashion brands. On several accounts, she has admitted that she receives gift packages from brands with which she collaborates. She also admits that most of these apparel (in her case, most are swimsuits) are usually expensive, so much so that she has to save up to get a set. When she mentions that she occasionally receives this highly coveted apparel as gift, and all she has to do is try them on, give her opinion, and get paid for it, it sounds like she barely lifts a finger. In fact, being an influencer means that they get paid more.

The truth is far from this; for Tiana, even posting what can be seen as an admirable lifestyle is just an exciting and admirable mask that forces anyone who comes across as an influencer to wear. While collaborating with brands means quicker and more direct payment (or returns), it only happens on conditions that this influencer portrays the desirable aspects of themselves. It starts with wearing this expensive apparel. On the audience side, the message conveyed is that Tiana generally lives a perfect and colourful life. In a real sense, it is a struggle to come up with content that the brands approve of and the fans find exciting. That can take hours and even a whole day. If anything, it is a huge sacrifice in my personal life.

Besides, in most cases, the brands perceive the influencers merely as props they use to market their products. Even though Tiana can look like the real winner in this arrangement, in a real sense, she is forced to make content that can help the brands sell, all at the expense of betraying her authenticity. For a fact, fans hate influencers who are heavy on marketing and lack personal authenticity. If Tiana was to lose this trust, she would also lose the brand endorsement opportunity, ultimately killing her career. All I can see is a lot of walking on eggshells; it is unfair that all people can think of in her position is just getting influencer gift packages and getting paid to show them off.

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