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Tiana Destinee and How Social Media Success Means Beating the Algorithm

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Tiana Destinee and How Social Media Success Means Beating the Algorithm
Tiana Destinee at home taking selfies

Tiana Destinee at home taking selfies

Tiana Destinee is a Canadian model, influencer, and content creator who has made significant progress in the limelight. Her path to stardom began at Shore Thang, where she identified her potential and was given a shot when she was just 18. In just four years, she has risen to amass more than 2.5 million followers on TikTok and a significant presence on other platforms. Her popularity cannot be attributed to luck or merely her good looks. Tiana is mainly determined, as seen on her Tiktok account, where she regularly posts. She is so consistent with making and sharing content that it is not a wonder she has accumulated over 19 million likes within that short time. Besides making workout videos, Tiana collaborates with different brands. Occasionally, she will create short videos about her life experiences and light commentaries about what she encounters while going by her usual life activities. Sure enough, she earned and managed to sustain her position as an influencer.

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But then, for anyone looking up to her to make it in the influencer and content-making sphere, things are not as easy as can be seen by the naked eye. If anything, there are a lot of struggles behind the scenes that Tiana has to encounter and overcome to keep her position. One such challenge is beating the social media algorithm.

While it is not transparent how these social media algorithms work, every content maker and influencer's major insecurity is invisibility. Social media is such a vast place, and there are so many users, nearly as many as the target audiences. Every influencer strives to remain relevant, at least in the viewers' eyes. The obvious reason is an influencer ceases to be one when the audience no longer thinks about her or sees any of the influencer's content.
So, what does this mean for Tiana as an influencer? This means she has to dedicate all her life and time to making and sharing content, or else she will disappear from the feeds or not appear at the top of search results. What does this pressure mean to her? Well, making content is not an easy process. It needs planning, especially in public spaces where observing third-party privacy is crucial. It will need even more planning before recording and more time during editing. This means Tiana has to put more effort into processing the content at the expense of just taking time to bring out creativity.

But isn't that part of being a content creator? Well, yes, of course, except that the pressure to keep up is what makes Tiana Destinee share her personal life and sometimes uninteresting content- better than disappearing from the audience feeds. Isn't that too much of a struggle?

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